Thank you to our Volunteers..........

Thank you to all who have helped in the building of our current home at ​824 South East 12th Street

Les Stidham - Construction Supervisor
Marc Whitney - Team Supervisor
Tim Morton - Team Supervisor
Tim Shelton - Team Supervisor
Heather Ammons
Alec Beaird
Brent Beaird
Larry Beall
Keith Bollman
Joni Brothers
Phyllis Bryan
Tiffany Cass
Tammy Cato
Stephanie Cooper
Vanessa Cooley
Sydnie Dockery
Charlotte Dougherty
James Dungan
Chester Featherstone
Eric Featherstone
Monique Fulbright
Tabatha Hearn
Timothy Hostetler
Pat Hundley
Rick Hundley
Yolanda Jackson
Aleysha Lane
Jerry Mathis

Food Providers
Stephanie Cooper
Tarmecia Smith
Sue Smith
Joan Mathis
Audrey Ellis
Beth & Tim Shelton
Kenn Meeske
Suzy Beaird
Rachel Freeman
A. D. Thompson
Vanessa & Herbert Preston
Rona Vickers
Phyllis & Mel Bryan
Monique Fulbright
Linda Reynolds 
Bob Seale
Cindy Ringwald - Liberty National Bank
Marvin & Ann Simmons
Joann Grimes
Gloria Reynolds
Paris Noon Study Club
Stephanie Lee
Eleanor & Dick Crawford
Chip McEwin                           Roger Weems
Robert McEwin                        Billie Carol West
Zach McEwin                            Jerry Wilkerson 
Kenn Meeske                           Allen Williams
Tammy Miller                           Eric Williams
Ben Moore                                Jermayne Williams
Laura Puetz                               Michelle Williams
Steve Raney                               Sydney Williams
Jaslyn Reynolds                          Tevairus Williams
Benjamin Richard                      Darius Woods
Heather Richard
Kimber-Lyn Richard
Shane Richard
Brian Ross
Vianna Ross
Tarmecia Smith
Toni Smith
Gregory Stroder
Henry Trammel
Sonya Trammel
John Walden
Tom Walsh
Jaylyn Ware
Habitat needs your help!  by Judy Martin, Executive Director

     Do you want to know how you can help Habitat and ways you could be involved?  It's  very easy.  You just come join us on one of our scheduled days.  A small bit of paperwork is required and then it's time to get to work!  Habitat operates solely on donations and volunteers.  The volunteers ARE Habitat.....without them, we don't exist.
      During construction, we work on Mondays and Saturdays, beginning at 8 a.m. and usually ending at 2 to 3 p.m.  A nice break with "goodies" takes place about 10 a.m. and then a delicious lunch, served by other volunteers, is enjoyed by all.  If hammering, nailing, and sawing are "not your thing," then perhaps preparing and serving a meal is the way you would like to help.  It is a NECESSARY event.  No one under 16 is allowed on the job site, except for the preparation and serving of meals.  That is a way youth can help.
      The "A Brush With Kindness" program is a Friday and Saturday project.  These projects are done (usually) once a month during the months of April through October, due to weather conditions.  Work begins at 8 a.m. each day and rarely lasts more than 2-4 hours each day.  Scraping and priming are done on Friday and painting is done on Saturday.  This is the time younger people can help, if they are old enough to do a job but adult supervision is required to make sure they stay "on task."
      And of course, the way ANYONE can help is with monetary support.  As we operate solely on donations, this is vital.  All donations are tax deductible and you will be given recognition to use for tax purposes.
       While Habitat is a Christian ministry, there is NO religious requirement of any kind, other than understanding that we ARE a Christian ministry.  Our volunteers are there because they have a heart for helping others who may not be quite as fortunate as they are.  We are doing our part, here in Paris and Lamar County, to fulfill the idea that was behind the very beginning of Habitat----that of eliminating povery housing from the world.  We work at it, one home at a time.  God is Good.